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The Biography of Johann Grander by Susanne Dobesch

Johann Grander started his journey as a misunderstood unconventional thinker. He always supported the opinion that water is capable of taking on and transferring information despite opposing ideas of science. He managed to become a serious dialogue partner within the innovative circles of the scientific world.  Johann Grander's biography charts out his background through difficult times of need, from his childhood work in the Tyrol to becoming a recognised discoverer.  Johann Grander is a symbol of the discussion between the traditional wing of the university's Natural Sciences, who want to see water reduced the formula H2O, and the nature observers, who, similar to homeopaths, associate water with unbelievable capabilities.

The book has 168 pages, countless pictures and an essay about the encounter of science and the observation of nature.

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ISBN 3-901626-29-8/ Uranus Publishing, Vienna

On the Trail of the Water Puzzle from Viktor Schauberger to Johann Grander

A success story translated in 9 languages by Hans Kronberger and Siegbert Lattacher.

Are there mysterious characteristics of water still unknown today?  Traditional science says no; natural scientists claim there are.  Hundreds of field reports were studied, countless users were interviewed and secretive experiments were observed.  Scientists who have taken on the challenge of researching the water puzzle have their say in the matter.  Their surprising findings could cause traditional natural science to rethink their opinions. 

Available at GRANDER® and in book shops:

ISBN 3-901626-01-8/Uranus Publishing, Vienna

Available in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Chinese, Hebrew


  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "We are only learners in this world."

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