Where asparagus and durks thrive, FRANCE

Mr and mrs Hirsch have run their common farm for over 30 years and specialize in growing the famous alsatian asparagus from hoerdt. Meanwhile, the son of the family, Jeanphilippe, has taken over the farm and runs it conscientiously at the side of his mother pascale.

In addition to growing asparagus, Jeanphilippe now breeds ducks on his farm. He raises most of these for his customer, lucien doriath. doriath is a wellknown alsatian company specialising in the production of high quality duck foie gras. Mr doriath himself has been a GRANDER® customer for many years and has fi rmly integrated the revitalized water into his process. many of his partners, such as the hirsch family, also became aware of the GRANDER® water revitalization system.

The system was installed on their farm in 2012. Since then, the hirsch family, their animals and their asparagus have benefi ted from the revitalized GRANDER® water. Jeanphilippe was astonished to see that the production of asparagus increased by more than 2 tonnes, while reducing the use of chemical aids by about 30%. The revitalized water also fl ows in the hirsch family home. The better taste and incomparable smoothness have impressed both residents and guests. Not only is the drinking water revitalized in the home, but also the heating circuit of the farm. the malodorous and discoloured recirculating water became clear and odourless once again after the installation of the GRANDER® circuit revitalization system, without the need to rinse the circuit. due to the large number of benefi ts, the hirsch family is happy to recommend the GRANDER® water revitalization system to partners and acquaintances.

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "A healthy life begins with revitalized water."

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