The GRANDER® Effect

Biologically valuable water quality

Conventional water is brought to us in a natural way having a very high and biologically valuable quality. Johann Grander's goal was to investigate the properities of revitalized water - with all its positive effects on humans, animals and plants - and to transfer these to all water, and to make it beneficial for all those who drink it and use it in their daily lives. Countless opinions from private users, hotel owners, restaurant operators, swimming pool operators, municipalities and public institutions demonstrate better than any theories just how well revitalized water by GRANDER® works.

After more than 20 years of continuous use globally, the effects and impact can be documented objectively and subjectively.

  • longer durability of the water
  • finer taste and thereby increases the urge to drink water
  • pleasant, soft feeling  for skin and hair while bathing or showering
  • improved plant growth and striking blooms
  • more freshness, taste and a longer shelf-life of food
  • pleasant bathing experience in swimming pools
  • increased protection of heating systems and visible clarification of the heating water
  • These factors are also visible in industrial use.  Therefore, GRANDER® technology is now widely used in industry, meticulously checked and documented.  Whether in cooling circuit systems of the metal industry, the plastics industry or in food production, based on the positive experiences many well-known companies rely on the water revitalisation and confess publicly by GRANDER®. 



    • Johann Grander Sen.

      (1930 - 2012)

      "Everything on this earth is simply borrowed."

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